The Havro Cabin

Montana Log homes has begun construction on a new cabin for Conner and Vanessa Havro. The Havro’s purchased a home constructed by Montana Log Homes in 1987 and are now... Read full story

The Grilley home

Robert and Jenna Grilley began their research into building a log home years ago.  When they moved to the Flathead valley they were excited to learn that one of their... Read full story

The “Southern Wyoming” Home

Montana Log Homes has begun construction on another beautiful log home. This home is utilizing 16″ – 17″ average diameter Engelmann Spruce logs in a clean peel. Follow along as... Read full story

Dale Frankenreiter Home

Construction has begun on a custom log home for Dale Frankenreiter. In correspondence with us Dale wrote: “All my life since I was a child all I wanted was to... Read full story

Lindeen’s Lakefront Home

David and Monica Lindeen are life-long Montanans who always dreamed of owning a log home next to a lake where family and friends can gather and make memories. Now they... Read full story

Justin and Lexi’s Log Home

Montana Log Homes has begun construction of a new log home for Justin and Lexi Woods. Once crafting is completed in our log yard the log package will be dis-assembled,... Read full story

Ron and Julie Coffman

Ron and Julie Coffman have been dreaming of a life in their log home in Montana for a long time! They first stopped by our office in Kalispell in 2013... Read full story

Atlas Peak Log Home

Montana Log Homes has begun construction on a unique log home called Atlas Peak. This home will feature large 16″ average diameter Spruce logs, exposed steel beams and large fir... Read full story

Fray Log Cabin

Russ and Rickie Fray have found their piece of Montana nestled along the banks of the Clark fork river. Montana Log Homes has begun construction of a dovetail style log... Read full story