Listed below are comments from just a few of our many satisfied customers.

  • Dennis Cozzetti - Dennis Cozzetti Construction

    Dear David,

    “I just want to take a moment to tell you how impressed I am with Montana Log Homes. Actually, impressed is an understatement. While I’ve done a number of log cabins with different companies, none even come close to the outstanding product you and your company delivers. It’s like comparing a Ferrari to a Volkswagen; there really is no comparison.

    The home provided by you and your crew is more a work of art than anything else.

    And I can’t say enough about Tory and Chauncey, but I’ll try. They are hard-working (again a huge understatement), competent, professional, knowledgeable…………”


    Dennis Cozzetti
    Cozzetti Construction

  • Scott & Nancy Murphy

    “Nancy and I were seeking to build a log home with a natural log profile, at a reasonable cost, with excellent construction quality, and minimal surprises or headaches. We also needed a draftsman to do the technical drawing from our design. Montana Log Homes was the perfect partner for us with their absolute trustworthiness, construction style and quality, and price. Ironically, they are located near our build site, but we would have selected MLH regardless. They and the build team have built us a home, not a house. The difference is the care and trust that goes into it.”

    Scott & Nancy Murphy

  • The Nasser's

    “Thank you for spending several hours of phone calls and emails talking to us and helping with the design. We’ve been very pleased with the entire journey of building our Dream Home from beginning to end. Those Montana Boys know how to Get er done! Very efficient and hard workers. Everybody is impressed with Montana Log Homes.”

    The Nasser’s

  • Bill McElduff

    “I would like to thank you and your group for the successful completion of my excellent log home. Thank you for showing me your own personal log home on a Sunday morning to help me make my initial decision. My cabin was a complete custom log cabin set in a beautiful but exceptionally remote location in the mountains of Montana. The project was delivered exactly on-time and on-budget as promised. There were no surprises, no cost over-runs and no time slippages. The contract was simple and faithfully executed.

    Montana Log Homes worked diligently with my general contractor to take the initial design (a complete custom build/version one design) and meld it into the local mountain setting to create a spectacular log cabin. Although new, the cabin now has the feel of belonging to the local environs. The local bears do not even give it a second sniff.

    The entire cabin was constructed in 9 months exactly as planned. Due to work commitments, I was absent during the entire construction process; I was thankful that I had selected the honest, hard working folks of Montana Log Homes to handle my affairs. My only regret was that we had to put the roof on and cover up some of the beautiful logs. I am 100% satisfied with the result. I would recommend Montana Log Homes of Kalispell to anyone wishing to build a quality log cabin.”

    Regards, Bill McElduff

  • Diann & Bill Larson

    “We were treated with the same care, respect, and attention on our little trapper cabin as if we were building a million dollar lodge! We think you are the very best in the industry!”

    Diann & Bill Larson

  • Dale Bouma

    “We love your style and design, very good taste, very competitive prices, was a very enjoyable experience, miss talking to you on a frequent basis. AWESOME people that do an AWESOME job, very experienced in cabins and have very good advice, would DEFINETLY recommend to anybody interested in a very high quality home. Can’t say enough GOOD!! Thank for all your help!!”

    Dale Bouma

  • Cecelia Thompson


    “I can’t begin to express how pleased we are with our log home. We just got back from watching the reset. Everything was beyond what we expected. Our home is beautiful and amazing. Everyone was so nice.

    Tory and Justin were wonderful. They really enjoy their work and take a lot of pride in their craftsmanship. They did an excellent job of directing everyone else. We really enjoyed talking with Sam.

    I took 400 pictures and hours of video. I’ve attached one of the house and my favorite pictures of Tory and Justin. I’ll send some more later when I’ve narrowed them down a little. I’m going to put some of the video together on a DVD. I’ll send that to you.

    Thanks for sending the t-shirts and hats. We all felt like part of the crew with our official attire.

    This was a really fun experience. Dale said I walk around for four days with a goofy grin on my face. I’m still smiling. :-)”

    “Thanks for everything.”


  • Marvin Meyers

    “I am writing this referral letter at the request of Gabe Butler who represents Montana Log Homes. Meyers Farm Family Trust enlisted Mr. Butler to construct a 6,000 sq. ft. ranch style home on the Yampa River west of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Extensive preparation went into the planning of this home which included a trip to Kalispell, Montana where they prepare and build the home prior to reconstructing at our site. The crew from Montana Log Homes and Gabe Butler’s crew constructed an impeccable, magnificent home. Everything was on time, nothing was left undone, follow-up detail work is perfect. Gabe is a perfectionist. His keen sense of detail is terrific.”

    Sincerely, Marvin Meyers


  • Jim and Nellie Gilbertson

    To Whom it May Concern:

    “We want you to know that the level of satisfaction for your work is beyond anything that we could have imagined. The skill and artistry demonstrated by Tori and Justin, using their chain-saws, when everything was set, the determination to have the work perfect, was amazing. When the truck rolled in with the first load of logs, the euphoria began, and although the feeling has lagged and returned since that time, we’ve never felt anything but absolute pleasure with the shining jewel that is sitting in the center of our building site.

    From the first time that we contacted your company ’til the last two Montana Log Homes workers pulled out of our yard, there never was a hitch in the process. I can honestly say that everything about the home is beyond our hopes for perfection, and we never experienced a hitch in the forward……..

    Everyone who walks through the house is amazed at the beauty, the light, the space, the solidity…”

    Best Regards,
    Jim and Nellie

  • Joe and Cynthia Riggs

    To the staff and crew of KMLH,

    “Great Look! Great service! Superb builder. We couldn’t be happier and look forward to many enjoyable Vacations in our new home.

    Thanks for all the effort and competence.”

    Joe and Cynthia Riggs

  • Bill & Jackie Channell

    Dear Brad and Jim,

    “We were completely thrilled by our experience with Montana Log Homes. A more professional, talented, experienced and honest group of individuals does not exhist. Would we use Montana Log Homes again? Unequivocally yes! Do not hesitate sending perspective clients to see our beautiful home.”

    Sincerely, Bill & Jackie Channell

  • Mike & Judy Blair

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Re: Montana Log Homes

    “We have been dreaming of and planning for a log home for many years, so when we finally decided it was time to make our dream a reality, we wanted to make sure we found the right company to meet our needs. That company is Kalispell Montana Log Homes of Kalispell, Montana.

    Their response to our intial inquiry was prompt, informative, personable, positive, and helpful. We were pleasantly surprised to find the cost of a Montana Log Home compared favorably to any that we could find locally, even after factoring in the shipping costs.

    Throughout the planning process, Jim and Dave were always available to answer questions and to offer suggestions on how to achieve what we wanted and at the same time keep the costs affordable. Their architectural technician took our drawings and made minor changes to ensure that our home would be comfortable as well as structurally sound. He also offered solutions to a couple of minor problems that we had been unable to solve in our drawings. During this time, he and the crew at Montana Log Homes also were in constant contact with our local contractor to be sure that everyone had the same understanding of the building plans and to coordinate the reset and finishing of our house.

    The logs and reset crew arrived at our lot on the Kenai River at almost the same time on the evening of Tuesday, July 11. The crew was ready to begin early Wednesday morning. They had such a working rapport with each other that the reset flowed smoothly, with almost no conversation needed as to what came next in the process. The two locally provided laborers had not worked on a log reset before, but the Montana crew is so professional that the “locals” soon felt comfortable with the process and were able to blend in with the regular crew to do the job. It took only ten hours for them to finish erecting the log walls, support system, and main staircase, even though they took great care to make sure everything was exact. The next day, they cut the doors and windows and taught us how to adjust support beams and to caulk the logs after they were sealed. Throughout their time with us in Alaska, the people from Montana Log Homes were friendly and helpful, going out of their way to answer questions or offer suggestions. Our local contractor was also impressed with their professionalism and with the quality of their product and he is looking forward to finishing the house.

    During the reset in the weeks since, we have had many visitors to our building site. Everyone is most impressed with the beauty of the logs, with the tight fit and straight lines (no visible taper) of the walls and with the overall quality of the structure.

    In short, if you are considering a log home or other log structure, we highly recommend Montana Log Homes. The people there are true professionals who have the expertise to do their work well and who care enough about their work to take pride in doing it right. We know you will be as thrilled as we are with the results.”

    ~ Mike & Judy Blair

  • Suzy & Ed Tice

    To The Entire Team at MLH,

    “Our Montana Log home is nearing completion and we wanted to take a moment to let you folks know how pleased we are with its beauty, construction and design. It is truly a work of art. Your entire team has gone out of its way to make our building experience a very positive one. David even invited us to visit his log home on Saturday morning. Eric was very flexible and patient as we changed out minds on windows, doors, etc.

    After two years of researching and planning to build a log house, we decided on Montana Log Homes. We have been very happy with that decision. You certainly lived up to your reputation as the best in the business with us. I think our builder put it best when he said ‘Montana Log Homes made my job easy’….”

    Most Sincerely,
    Suzy & Ed

  • Jim and Ann Houx

    Dear Friends at Montana Log Homes,

    “Words cannot express how delighted we are with our new log home. I hate to brag but it is gorgeous. beautiful. stupendous. awesome, magnificent, etc. etc. Ten times greater than I ever envisioned it would be. Sometimes I just sit and stare.

    Gary and Rob were wonderful to work with and we look forward to seeing them on future visits to Missouri. They certainly know their business and coupled with Bob, Butch and Gabe, our log set was smooth and trouble free. What I had feared might turn into a nightmare became instead a beautiful dream.

    Again, a special heartfelt THANK YOU to all the crew at Montana Log Homes. I am ready to start another house but Jim says’ need to get this one finished first.

    Please do not hesitate to have people who are interested in your product call or visit our home. We are very proud of our new home!!!

    Thank you for all your help and patience! ! I still look forward to a future visit to Kalispell and meeting all the “voices” that have been so nice and pleasant to work with .”

    Jim and Ann Houx

  • Bart Centre

    Dear David,

    “It has been a long time since I wrote to any company praising their performance, what with quality and service being a rare commodity these days. It is therefore my great pleasure to have the opportunity to both thank and compliment the entire Montana Log Homes company.

    From the discussion and planning stages, right through to delivery and set-up you, your craftsmen in Montana, “Sam, your truck driver and especially Richard Ragone and his on-site crew, took enormous care to ensure that no commitment or detail was missed. To say that we are delighted by how easy you and Rich made this process for us (a rather big step for Carole-Anne and myself) would be an understatement.

    The look of the house, it’s careful crafting, it’s attention to detail and the beautiful hand peeled look was more than CA and I ever expected. Not only does it look outstanding in our New Hampshire setting, it is already beginning to feel “like home” even though we don’t expect completion of the interior for another six weeks or so.

    Finally, I especially want to compliment Rich Ragone. Besides his obvious expertise in construction of log houses, we appreciated Rich’s in-put on the small things that can mean so much. His careful review of details with my contractor; his willingness to spend what ever time was necessary with us to ensure that the finished product met our needs; his enormous patience with our never-ending questions and phone calls; his recommendations on window sizes and stain colors; even his expressed concerns about one of my sub-contractors that proved to be right on target, were invaluable. All I can say is that I hope you are paying him enough for his services, and the credibility he lends to MLH in this corner of the country.

    In closing, please accept my gratitude. Feel free to use this reference in anyway you wish. Looking forward to collaborating with you & Rich on an expansion of our home sometime in the not too distant future.”

    Bart Centre

  • Mary E. Baily

    “Dear Prospective Montana Log Home Customer,

    You ‘re on the right track! I can only encourage you to proceed to make your log home dream a reality, as I did.

    My dream began 3 years ago with the purchase of my land in the NW Colorado Rockies. After the purchase I began to pour over magazines, floor plans, log home books, and brochures (just as you have) and concluded that I wanted swedish coped construction. The floor plan in my dreams included a great room with large purlins. What I also desired was hand-scribed, hand-crafted, HOWEVER from my reading and some consulting with a few log home producers, I believed that this desire was beyond my wildest dreams and pocketbook! So, I gave up on my search for handcrafted and focused on milled log producers. I decided to make a “shopping trip” to Montana with a short list (10) of milled log home producers.

    My Montana journey in search of just the right log home within my budget took me from Victor, MT to Rexford, MT visiting the 10 producers of milled log homes. ..most of whom offered swedish coped style.

    By the time I had reached Kalispell, MT, I had visited 8 of the 10 log home mfg. On my list. For the most part my impressions of the 8 were that the logs (no matter how hard they tried) looked like they had come out of a pencil sharpener. ..certainly not the rustic hand-crafted log home logs I had dreamt about! The milled log packages were quoted to me along a wide price range.

    Two more manufacturers to visit and my trip would have been complete, or so I thought as I proceeded north on Hwy 93 just south of Kalispell, MT, I passed the home office of Montana Log Homes and their building yard. The office was beautiful from the road I passed on by …only to turn around 2 miles beyond, saying to myself, “What could it hurt? I’ll just get a price as a comparative …”

    My positive experiences with Montana Log Homes began the moment I stepped in the office door. Below are listed my bottom line experiences:

    PERSONAL SERVICE from the start with the attitude of “whatever you want, we’ll try to get you there. ..”

    1. The Marketing Director David Gray was most helpful, encouraging, and knowledgeable. David was always coming up with creative ideas from the start.
      The PRICE of Montana Log Homes’ hand-crafted swedish coped log packages were actually AFFORDABLE and represented a tremendous value compared to the 8 quotes I had received. I never did go to the two remaining log home manufacturers that remained on my list.
    2. A “can-do attitude” existed from the owners (2) and extended throughout the company personnel. I was really impressed with the fact that the owners work side-by-side with the carpenters in the yard.
    3. ATTENTION TO DETAIL. David, et al., constantly kept a critiquing eye on the details of my project …looking for better design ideas; looking for cost saving ideas, etc.
    4. Montana Log Homes made me feel like I was their only customer. They were constantly in contact with me when appropriate. When it came to the actual building of my home in their yard, David kept me abreast of the progress with calls and pictures at different stages. They didn’t just get a signed contract and then deliver a load of logs some months later!
    5. Their personal delivery of the logs and reset crew made everything go smooooothly! The semi driver had a terrible bout of the flu, but saw to it that the logs were delivered on the target date EXACTLY!

    I could not be happier with my Montana Log Home. I’m presently living in it year round at 8600 feet elevation some 8 miles to the nearest road; the snow is high and winds are brisk, but I’m cozy and warm and fully secure in my Montana Log Home.

    Feel free to call me if you should want to talk with me about my experiences.”

    Wishing you all the best,
    Mary E. Baily

  • Wayne & Theresa

    Dear Friends:

    “Well it has been a few weeks since the log home was reset and I have finally found a moment to write this letter.

    First let me say what a wonderful home your crew crafted. The best word to use is WOW!, what a beauty. Theresa and I just love it.

    Now for some recognition for your company. We built this home in the Bitterroot Valley (Darby). As you know there are many log home companies here. So why did we use your company? Here are the answers. First was the quality of the product. We really did our homework to find the right company. We traveled thru Oregon, Idaho, California and Montana visiting producers of log homes. Your product was just what we were looking for. Quality craftsmanship, quality logs and the unique look of logs from the hand peeling to the finished product. Second and probably most important was the professional service. When we first visited your model and office we certainly liked the product. Our second visit we were able to spend some time with David Gray. This is when we found the company to go with. We talked to David about what we envisioned and gave him a set of plans I had drawn. David had some great ideas to improve the look. But what sealed the deal was the professional and timely responses for the log home estimates or any questions we had. Thanks David – give him a raise.

    We signed up and got on schedule in October 1999 and everything after that was real smooth. From Jim Schell at Black Bear Designs to any changes, there were no problems. It was also nice that David kept in touch over the months and when production started the pictures and calls about the construction was great.

    Last but not least was the arrival and reset of the log home.”Exciting” is an understatement. The reset went real smooth. Your crew was great. The lead man, Tory, really had it all together. He knew exactly were everything went and the fit was perfect. Odie certainly knew his stuff and was a good backup to Tory. And John being on one of his first resets, I couldn’t even tell as he was an animal working on the log trucks and on the home. The crew worked extremely hard -give them a raise. But most important about your crew is that they are fine men and we enjoyed working with them. They are welcome here anytime.

    There is still a lot to do to finish our log home. Our dream is one step closer to reality. It has been a pleasure dealing with you.

    Wayne & Theresa

  • Mike and Sally Zaricor

    Dear Jim, Brad and crew,

    While there are other quality handcrafters, the PEOPLE at Kalispell Montana Log Homes make the difference. Responses to inquiries were professional, yet friendly and timely.

    The product is exceptional, and our visitors ask, “How do they get those logs to fit that perfectly?”

    From initial contact with David, through the owner Jim Bachofner and the reset by Chauncey and Blain, these are just great, friendly, professional folks to work with.”

    Thank You, Mike and Sally Zaricor

  • Karen and Butch Pannage

    Dear Brad and Jim,

    “The entire process from initial contact through present day contact and follow-up by Montana Log Homes was beyond our expectations. We are overjoyed by the beauty of our cabin and the quality that is apparent.”

    Karen and Butch Pannage

  • Ken and Nancy Maynard

    “Sincerely, from start to finish I can say that the entire process of selecting, designing and construction of the log package with Montana Log Homes was a pleasure. Everyone was focused on our requests and even when things couldn’t be accommodated in the design, options were offered. As you know I was part of the crew during the re-set and it was spectacular in this day and time to work with individuals that worked as hard as yours did, and that cared about the end product.”

    “Well done!”

    Ken Maynard

  • Grant and Lori Colby

    “We knew going into this project that having a house built remotely would be a challenge; we thought building a log home even more so. From the first meeting in your office, through and after the reset, you and your staff have been exceptionally patient with our many questions, offered advice and made the process as easy as possible.

    In the design stage, Eric was very good with handling our changes and gave input that made the final floor plan exactly what we wanted. He is remarkable at taking a technical issue and explaining via telephone and/or web connection in a manner that we understood.

    Lori and I were at the site during the reset process. Although you said it would be reset in three days, it was “seeing is believing” last September. It is clear the crew from Montana Log Homes are craftsmen in every sense of the word.”

    Grant Colby

  • David and Betty Kingsley

    “The man who stopped by one day to look around summed it up best “This is a real log house.” The building inspector even paused and thought it was real nice. I could not be more pleased with the craftsmanship, quality of logs, and technical expertise of the crew and staff at MLH.”

    David Kingsley

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