Tim Lollar and Vanessa Loggins’ log cabin

Around June of 2018, Tim and Vanessa decided they wanted more acreage than their current cabin provided.  They found the perfect mountain property outside of Steamboat Springs which, ironically, is located next to another Montana Log Home client, Michael and Tara LaCost.  Tim and Vanessa had always envisioned building a log cabin, and after speaking with Michael, they met with Gabe Butler of Montana Log Homes of Colorado.  With the help of Brad Neu, they decided on the MLH-019 with some minor changes drawn by Corey Hills, Montana Log Homes in-house draftsman.  The couple plan to break ground as soon as the snow melts this spring and hopefully be living in their new cabin before the winter snow starts to fly.  Tim and Vanessa opted for the 16” Western Red Cedar logs for their beautiful home and with the prow design, it will maximize their mountain and lake views. Follow along as each log is hand-scribed to create this one of a kind log cabin.

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