Highcliffe Lodge

We have begun construction on a new log home for East Vail, Colorado. Highcliffe Lodge is a custom design being built with massive Lodgepole Pine logs, salvage logged from the beetle killed stands in Western Montana. The entire log structure will be built in Kalispell Montana Log Homes’ construction yard, then dis-assembled and trucked to Colorado where it will be re-assembled on site. Follow along as each log is hand scribed and notched into the beautiful home it will become!  Comments following the on-site re-assembly: “Ana saw the house today for the first time since we bought the lot last February.  She was absolutely blown away by what has been created.  Of course she has been involved with every floor plan change and seen me fly around here and there, but she was stunned with the richness and beauty of what we have created together on the land.  We have many, many decisions yet to make, and we intend to see our vision through, but the quality of the workmanship and the massive scale and timeless importance of what your team as created for our family is beyond expectations…..It will be a true legacy asset for our children and the quality of the scribemanship more than meets the special location and qualities of the home site….  Again, thanks!”


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